Cory White Photographer

Cory White’s fascination with photography started early. At age 12 he was spending hours each day in a makeshift darkroom in his parent's garage. Using his camera as a tool to access intimate dialogue and explore human stories, his considered observations strike a balance between the refined and informal. He is constantly observing the people and places around him through the lens of his camera, crafting a style that is both considered and authentic. His passion for reportage photography, combined with his energy and enthusiasm for commercial image making has seen him forge a career as a professional photographer whose aesthetic and integrity is well respected. Cory has pioneered his personal style through 'Mr. Blanc', an online publication that celebrates 'men of interest’ and ‘interests of men’. The project began as a platform for Cory to showcase the talented people around him, and quickly grew to action creative collaborations of its own that remain distinctive of his style. @studiocorywhite