Joel Pratley Photographer

Multi award nominee and self confessed storytelling enthusiast, Joel Pratley, has a knack for turning a second-hand experience into first-hand emotion.

Pratley keeps things spontaneous, capturing the human condition and reflecting them back on his audience. “I believe my portraits grew out of encounters in daily life with people - a reminder that everyone you walk past holds valuable experience.”

Like a science of sociology and still photography, Pratley breaks down biases. This vicarious ability allows empathy to extend beyond the frame - connecting the subject with people they otherwise couldn’t.

This distinctive style of portraiture has been nominated in various contests from Head On, Moran Contemporary Photographic Prize and the National Photographic Portrait Prize. Pratley credits much of his success to his gut-instinct, “timing plays a big part and being open to take unexpected risks in each moment”.

With a growing list of accolades and lifelong friendships, it’s surprising to know Pratley’s career is just getting started. As Joel Pratley continues to seek mental clarity through the lens, we, his audience are rewarded with an inspiring perspective of human connection and universal truths. @pratley