Lately, I’ve been drawn to covering issues around our climate crisis here in Australia. Both on video and photographs I have been editing works that fit into that theme and these are some of my favourite images from the working titled “Are We Dead Yet?” series. My project covers fires, drought, deforestation and floods and is still a work in progress.

Why? I’ve spent may life covering wars, social injustice and stories on the edge of humanity. A couple of years ago, my daughter Ava inspired me to look at our world in crisis and climate change. She wrote slam poetry, talked about Greta, demonstrated and won the NSW State championships for public school speaking for a a talk around climate change. It made me think of her and her generation’s future. It made me realise that everything I had done through photography and journalism to this day was incomparable to what was facing our planet and the very survival of every living thing on it. It felt like everything I had witnessed my whole life was leading to this one big story. There really is no bigger issue in the world today and ignoring it would be a crime.