Sean Keenan is like the little brother I never had. Over the years we have stuck it out through highs and lows and confided in each other when things got tough. We have embraced the good times and laughed a lot along the way. After wrapping his latest role in a new Netflix film, Sean came to stay with me for a few days before settling into his new house.

Regardless of the Covid-19 isolation situation we, as always, dealt with it the only way we knew how. We celebrated it. We cracked jokes, cooked all day, worked on my script, drank a few brews, sang and played guitar, watched films, climbed the roof, exercised and constantly had a cup of tea on the go.

I feel like in years to come this will be just another one of our classic ‘Tim and Sean’ memories. We’ll look back on and be like.. “remember that time we got grounded by Covid, how crazy was that!” I wouldn’t have wanted to spend such a strange time of uncertainty with anyone else.