Tim Swallow shoots artist Nick Pont in his home and studio, whose work is inspired by storytelling, the Australian landscape, and a relentless urge to create.

"I have admired Nick Pont’s work for years now and believe his paintings will become iconic in years to come. Nick’s approach to art is from a pure place. A place that’s real. He has a beautiful way of storytelling and depicting Australian culture both past and present. His earthy tones and splashes of vibrant colour remind me of how special and diverse our landscape is down under. The ghostly shapes and interesting characters featured make me think deeper about each scenario and I ponder about who they are, or where they may be going. I like this in his art. The mystery and the levels of consciousness in each work created. I share Nick’s love of both the land and seascape and how we interact as humans within these natural environments. I look forward to embracing our sunburnt land once we emerge from our introspective period of isolation."