Nick Bowers captures spearfisher Vita in her element along the coast of Sydney's Eastern Suburbs just before isolation hit.

"I asked Vita if I could take some pictures when she next went spearfishing. Her response was “sure, hopefully I can catch you some dinner.” 

We hiked into Malabar National Park from South Maroubra and made our way down hidden ladders to a rock shelf. Vita geared up and said she’d be back in forty minutes, before disappearing into the ocean.

An hour later she pulled herself out of the water and handed me two decently sized bright red fish. “Which one do you want - the Monkfish or the Goatfish?”

Impressed, I asked Vita what she liked about spearfishing. She said “out in the ocean you are in a different world, I am 100% absorbed when I’m in the water. The sustainable spearfisher code of only catch what you can eat fresh on that day creates a closed circle, and I love that.”